The town of Písek is located in the heart of South Bohemia. It is easily accessible from all our neighbouring countries.


Písek – Praha100 km
Písek – Linz120 km
Písek – Munich300 km

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Once a royal town and a centre of large Prachensky district, Pisek was mentioned for the first time in an old document of Czech king Wenceslas I. in 1243. Interesting sightseeing and its location at 378 m above the sea level on the river Otava in picturesque landscape make Pisek pleasant summer resort.



  • Your ad tennis academy is one of a few that offer both outdoor and indoor tennis courts.
  • You will never feel a lack of free playing opportunities thanks to the large number of clay tennis courts. The courts have recently been renovated and are in an excellent condition throughout the year.
  • In case of rain we are ready to move all the lessons into a modern and well-equipped tennis hall, which is situated right next to the tennis courts. This tennis hall is also available for indoor tennis winter camps.

The town of Písek offers a wide range of sport facilities

  1. You will enjoy cooling down in a swimming pool after a long day of hitting the ball around. Swimming is also a part of our stamina development program!
  2. Forest sport paths are typical for Písek area. You will just love sweating your T-shirt out in such extraordinary but pleasant environment of South Bohemian forests.
  3. For the ones who like to combine tennis with a peaceful game of golf there are several golf courses within a 30min drive from Písek.
  4. We are ready to organise cycling trips for you. There are beautiful cycling paths in the surrounding of Písek.
  5. Water skiing, fishing, windsurfing and other waterfront activities offers a large dam Orlík on the river Otava.
  6. You can also find it nice to relax while playing a game of miniature golf or bowling.
  7. A great advantage of "Your Ad" tennis academy is the fact that all the facilities are easily reachable on foot.


In 1992 the historical centre of Prague covering an area of 866 hectares was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register. Prague has always played an important role in the history of the nation, the country and the whole of Europe. She has cherished the reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has been paid tribute by outstanding personalities.