The most common questions about academy

I know how to hit well, but can i learn how to win?
You can with good strategy! It is one thing to be able to hit the ball well, quite another to know how to win a match. We will show you ways to win with court positioning, ball placement and proper shot selection.
I have never played before. Will i enjoy your camp?
No need to worry. By the end of your holiday you will be startled at your improvement. We often take the beginner to long rallies and a good understanding of strategy by week's end.
I am an advanced player. What can i learn?
We won't tear your game apart... but will help you improve what you already have. Instruction is easily geared to the stronger player with emphasis on use of spin, approach shots, more involved strategy and hitting time with the pros.
Will i be able to physically handle the academy?
Our tennis academy is not boot camp! Our soft clay courts and varied program of coaching, drilling, video, strategies and play, keep up the levels of enthusiasm and energy. Our flexibility also gives the hard-core enthusiast the workout you need.
I am coming alone. Will i be out of place?
Some of our participants come to meet new people with similar interests. In the evenings we eat dinner as a group (or not, if you prefer a quiet meal) so you will never feel uncomfortable or left out.
What if it rains?
No problem! Very few camps offer you indoor courts and full recreational facilities right on the site, but we do!
What is there to do after tennis lessons?
Tennis matches are arranged, swimming, regeneration, weightlifting, biking, golf, shopping, dancing, etc, etc. And of course just relaxing is another option.
What is a family program?
We welcome parents and their children. The children receive a fun tennis instruction while the parents are free to sign up for lessons.(Not included in the price)
Why is the academy located in the czech republic?
The Czech Republic is well known for it’s developed tennis methodology and its natural and historical beauties. It is also clear that the Czech currency and it’s exchange rate make the holiday in the Czech Republic easily affordable for everybody.