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Before You GO

Travel Documents

Foreign visitors to the Czech Republic must have a passport valid at least 90 days beyond the time of their planned stay in the Czech Republic. Immigration officers may require a foreign visitor arriving in the Czech Republic to produce a certificate of travel health insurance for the intended time of stay.

Further information is available at: www.mzv.cz


Citizens of European countries are not required to have a Czech visa with the exception of Albania, Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Bosna-Herzegovina, Moldavia and Macedonia. Regarding non-European states, citizens of the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, the Korean Republic (South Korea), Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Israel are not required to have a visa. All other nationalities must have a visa. These can be obtained from the Czech embassy offices abroad, which may require applications to produce other necessary documents, such as invitations, return tickets, vouchers for services, or confirmations of the reservation of spa and other treatment. Every Czech embassy office provides up-to-date information concerning the procurement of visas and conditions of entry to the Czech Republic.

Health Insurance And Health Care For Foreign Visitors To The Czech Republic

Visitors are recommended to purchase health and travel insurance. Health care is available to foreigners as follows:

  • non-cash payments, claims against health insurance
  • payment in cash
  • free of charge on the basis of valid international reciprocal agreement (the extent of the health care provided is generally limited to necessary treatment; in the case of out-patient treatment, patients are usually required to pay the cost of medicine and medical material (hospital treatment, including medicine and medical material, is always provided free of charge).
Import - Export

Import Of Duty-free Goods

The following non-commercial goods can be brought into the Czech Republic without the payment of customs duty:

  1. Tobacco products:
    • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos (cigars up to 3 grams) or
    • 50 cigars or 250 g pipe or cigarette tobacco or
    • a proportional combination of the quantities stated above
  2. Alcoholic beverages:
    • 1 litre of distilled liquor or sparkling or liqueur wine
    • 2 litre of table wine.
  3. Scents:
    • 50 grams or
    • 0,25 litre of eau de cologne.
  4. Medicines of kind and quantity required for individual use.
  5. Other goods with a total value not exceeding 6,000 CZK per person, for persons under 15 years of age the limit is 3,000 CZK per person. These limits are non-compoundable.

In common travel alcoholic beverages can be imported by individuals over 18 years of age, cigarettes and other tobacco products by individuals over 16 years of age.

Exporting Goods From The Czech Republic

Any quantity of non-commercial goods can be taken out of the Czech Republic without an export permit with the exception of:

  • objects forming part of the national cultural heritage
  • when exporting antique and other art objects, it is necessary to have a certificate stating that these are not part of the national cultural heritage.

Transport Of Domestic Animals

Visitors travelling to the Czech Republic with a domestic animal must produce an internationally valid certificate of vaccination against rabies a veterinary certificate of the animal's examination dated no more than 3 days prior to departure. Municipal veterinary administration in Prague - tel.: +420 222 522 126.

Travellers Cash

The import or export of foreign currencies, other means of payment, shares and savings books in other currencies than CZK (Kc) is not restricted, with the exception of those gained illegally in the Czech Republic. The import and export of Czech and foreign banknotes and coins, payment certificates and shares with a total value exceeding 350 000 CZK must be declared, as be the import and export of gold.