YOUR AD TENNIS ACADEMY is situated in Písek, Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has always been the cradle of top rank tennis players (Ivan Lendl, Jiří Novák, Martina Navratilova, Tomas Berdych and others). The top Czech tennis professionals developed a very unique tennis methodology, which is highly regarded all over the world. We, in “YOUR AD TENNIS ACADEMY“ bring the best world tennis methodologies together and produce a strategy that will fit your special individual needs.

  • The summer camps are ideal for the whole families of tennis enthusiasts.
  • For almost every day of the summer tennis season in the Czech Republic there is a tournament scheduled. Some of our campers take part at these tournaments as a part of the international experience preparation. It is very easy to sign up and we will assist you during the competition
  • The fact that these three camps run right one after the other makes it possible to book for more than one camp at a time. Especially junior competitive players should take this possibility into an account. ( for discounts see the prices section)